The Dvergar are a race of dwarves allied to the Shadowklan kobold horde on the Bossiney Cluster of Dark Age of Camelot. The Dvergar are members of the Shadowclan gaming community.

What Shadowclan's Dvergar clan is about:

  • Roleplay - We are always in-character while in-game.

  • Xenophobic - We are hostile to non-allies and are very territorial.

  • Making the game more fun - We have fun and increase the fun for others too.

  • Respect - We respect other players as fellow players.

  • Quality - We train our new members in the Dvergar ways and our expectations are enforced.

  • Commitment - In order to stay in Dvergar after an initial trial period, members must permanently commit their character to Dvergar.

  • Community  - Dvergar members work together and share supplies freely among themselves.

  • Game Friendly - Our storyline and background blend in with game's storyline and background to the highest degree possible.  We won't force other players to break character in order to match our own roleplay style.  We follow the rules of the game.  No cheating, bug exploiting, illegal 3rd party programs, or other violations of the game's Terms of Service are ever allowed.

Wanting to make an alternate character?  Shadowclan is originally a guild for alternate characters (Ultima Online 1997 "Lets all make orc characters") and here on Bossiney is designed to be a great guild for alternate characters, offering an alternative style of playing the game that you rarely find in other guilds.